Street Lights

North Hykeham Town council is responsible for 279 street lights, about a third of the total lights in the town.  The rest are owned by Lincolnshire County Council.

Following the decision by Lincolnshire County Council to switch off all their lights between midnight and 6am, the Town Council resolved not to follow suit due to costs.  However, during the six yearly check it was decided to install a time switch so the lights could be switched off between midnight and 6am.  This reduced the Town Council's electricity costs for lighting by half.

Please note: When the clocks go back in the autumn and forwards in the spring, the sensors that switch the lights on and off take time to adjust.  Please allow a couple of weeks for them to become acclimatised before ringing to say they are not working properly.

To report faulty street lights contact:


North Hykeham Town Council 01522 681537