Join Us

The Association is funded through voluntary contributions, grant applications, the Associations membership and local business support.

You and your family can join the Association, we hold regular social events in the Hykeham area and hold biennial visits to Denzlingen.  If you are able to host a visitor from Denzlingen when people from the town visit us, then this is appreciated, as well as being a good way for hosts to foster friendships.

We are also keen as an Association to encourage local clubs and groups to link up with similar organisations in Denzlingen. This will provide you the opportunity to expand the range of events you can put on, offer exchanges, arrange competitions, and broaden the horizons of your organisation members.

If you are a school we are very keen to foster links and facilitate a partnership for you; partner schools in Denzlingen are very keen and eager to participate in joint projects involving writing, email and webcam links, being a great way of encouraging children to learn about other cultures and languages. The Association can help you find an appropriate partner, to the benefit of all involved.

We look forward to hearing from any prospective members.