The History of North Hykeham Town Council

North Hykeham’ Motto “AUDIATUR ET ALTERA PARS” freely translated means “One should also listen to the other side and not always assume one is always right”.

North Hykeham, both as a village and, since 1973, as a town, is rightly proud of its independence from Lincoln.  The old village dates back to the Angles, Germanic invaders who occupied much of Britain after the Romans left in 400ce.  The Danes and Vikings arrived in Lincolnshire in 900ce, hence places with names ending in – by, thorpe and ham (which means ‘village’).

North Hykeham Church was first mentioned in 1160 but, by 1535, it was merely a ‘free chapel’ but was in ruin by 1700.  From 1700 there was no church in North Hykeham.  All Saints Church was built in the late 1850s and the Methodist Chapel was built in 1881.  In 1894 the first Parish Council was established and met in the village school.  In 1948 the Parish Council moved to the Memorial Hall (‘The Tin Tabernacle’) on Newark Road.  The present Memorial Hall was built in 1969.  In May 2006 the Town Council moved to its new premises in Fen Lane, an extension of the existing pavilion. 

After the Second World War, the expanding population of North Hykeham resulted in three new Primary Schools and two Comprehensives.  The post war period saw a housing boom in North Hykeham.  In 1970 fifteen acres at Fen Lane were purchased to accommodate three or four football pitches and a children’s play area.  With the growth of the town, North Hykeham successfully achieved Town Council status in 1973. 

In 1988 North Hykeham was twinned with Denzlingen in the Black Forest region of Germany. 2018 will see the 30th Anniversary of the Twinning Association with Denzlingen.

A new Town Cemetery was consecrated in May 1998 and, in addition to the new Asda Superstore, the Forum and Hykeham Green, more facilities are planned to cope with new housing developments.  The 2011 Census showed North Hykeham has a population of 14,719

In 2006, after much hard work by staff and councillors, North Hykeham Town Council was proud to have been awarded Quality Council status.  We were the first parish or town council in North Kesteven to have achieved this and one of only about a dozen councils in the whole of Lincolnshire and received re-accreditation in 2010.

North Hykeham remains proud of its history and looks forward to the future.