With the assistance of North Kesteven District Council the Town Cemetery was opened in the autumn of 1998 following consecration by the Bishop of Grantham.

It was felt that the visual impression on arrival was vital and therefore landscaping and building up of the tree and shrub cover took place within the cemetery.  The tree planting consisted of Oak and Field Maple with the inclusion of Silver birch due to its’ light foliage and attractive bark to add interest throughout the year.  Species of shrubs include Pyracantha, Darts Blanket and Cotoneaster.

The cemetery, situated on Mill Lane (LN6 9PB) merges nicely with the surrounding landscape and the Service Staff maintain it to a high standard.


The cemetery policy states that the person to be interred is a resident of North Hykeham.  Pre-purchase of plots is not permitted







Notice of Interment Form (BG3)

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