Become a Councillor


Do you want to make a positive difference in your town?

Would you like to influence decisions that affect your community?

If you answered yes to those questions, then have you considered becoming a Town Councillor? 

This is an exciting opportunity to help shape the area you live or work in. You need to be willing to give up some of your time for this role, but how much time depends on you – your commitment to working for your community without being paid.  As a minimum, you will need to commit to meetings of the Town Council, which are held on the last Thursday of every month (excluding August).

There is currently a vacancy on the Town Council for Witham Ward and, having been through the prescribed procedure, no election has been requested. As a result, the vacancy will now be filled by the co-option process, with appointment of this vacancy being made at a meeting of the Town Council. 

Unless otherwise disqualified, a person is qualified to be co-opted as a local councillor if they are over 18, and a qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a Euro national on the day of their selection AND during the last twelve months they have:

  • Lived in the Town or within three miles of it or
  • Been a local government elector in the area or
  • Resided in the area, or occupied as an owner or tenant any land or other premises in that area; or
  • Had their place of work, in that area.

A councillor's role can include responsibilities such as developing strategies and plans for the town, helping with problems and ideas, representing the community, working with other local community groups, decision making and reviewing decisions, as well as talking to the community about their needs and about what the council is doing. 

If you are interested in your local community and would like further details for this vacancy, please contact the Town Clerk.  Closing date for applications to be received is: - 

By Wednesday 21st February 2024


Mrs M Parker

Clerk to the Council

30th January 2024

NHTC Councillor Vacancies (Co-option) Policy       

NHTC Town Councillor Application Form